Embrace the Slow Down - 30 Minute Slow Deep Stretch (Cannabis-infused Yoga)

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Thank you for sharing your practice with me! I truly appreciate you for participating online :) 

Today's class is a slow deep stretch to help embrace the slow down so many of us are collectively experiencing. Let's use this as an opportunity to reset, breathe, feel at home within our bodies, and take some much needed respite. 

Have two blankets and one bolster (or thick pillow) nearby. We'll move through hip openers, forward bends, a shoulder stretch, frog pose, and end in a relaxing savasana. Breath awareness and mantra meditation is offered throughout the class.

Remember not to push past your edge and appreciate that less is often more in these poses. It's best to let your muscles relax into each shape, which can be more accessible through an indica-leaning strain.

This class is available for download so you can do this class on your camping trip or whenever you want to revisit it :)

Be sure to consume in accordance to your state laws.

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Embrace the Slow Down - 30 Minute Slow Deep Stretch (Cannabis-infused Yoga)

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