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Yoga to Practice Patience (Cannabis-infused yoga)

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Yoga to Practice Patience (Cannabis-infused yoga)

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This 30-minute slow burn class opens with a meditation, gentle warming, and a flow with active postures and long held stretches. We'll move into a breath centered practice with twisting postures, triangle pose, and peak with half moon pose before winding down on the floor and savasana. A lovely balance of stretch and sweat.

I hope your body and mind benefit from practicing patience.

You may want two blocks for this class, but they aren't necessary. If you don't have blocks but need them, try using books of a similar size/height instead.

If consuming cannabis, please remember to do so mindfully and in accordance with your state's laws. Cannabis is a sacred plant medicine that opens us up to experience the present moment from an altered perspective, so humility and reverence is needed to ensure a blissful journey. Take the time to create a calming setting before your practice, you deserve it!

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