Yoga With Minelli - On Demand

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A diverse library of cannabis-infused yoga classes. Feel at home in your body, from the comfort of home.

What’s Included

On-demand yoga and meditation

Gain instant access to a growing library of more than 100 yoga and meditation videos. Class types include hatha yoga, yin yoga, restorative, yoga nidra, and meditation for a well-rounded practice. Each class is designed to be supported by the grounding qualities of mindful cannabis consumption, but can also be enjoyed without it.

Deepen your yoga philosophy

Yoga goes beyond postures and is a conduit for liberation. You’ll unlock my member's only substack and receive regular insight to yoga as a way of being, separate from your mat. These long form letters and audio recordings include exercises and reads to support your yoga journey.

The on-demand portal is for you if

  • you desire a yoga practice that stays true to it’s historical intention and honors your body rather than your ego
  • you believe transformative practice can look and feel simple
  • you have a busy/irregular schedule that makes consistently going to a yoga studio challenging
  • you’re looking for an affordable yoga membership
  • there are no local cannabis yoga classes in your area
  • you want to deepen your knowledge of yoga beyond the poses
  • you’re curious about unlocking cannabis’ psychedelic potential

$22 monthly / $222 yearly memberships. Cancel anytime.

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$22 a month

Yoga With Minelli - On Demand

53 ratings
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