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Embrace a Beginner's Mind

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Embrace a Beginner's Mind

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I'm happy to share the first cannabis-infused yoga practice of 2022- a beginner-friendly slow flow for the whole body. Having a beginner's mind isn't just for yoga newbies and can be a great way to bring novelty back into your yoga practice and daily life. When you embrace a beginner's mind you stay grounded in the present, open up to what is, and release old narratives. We'll explore approach our practice from this lens in today's cannabis-friendly yoga class. No props are needed for today's class.

If you're consuming cannabis, please remember to do so mindfully. Cannabis is a sacred earth medicine that opens us up to experience the present moment from an altered perspective, so humility and reverence is needed to ensure a blissful journey. Take the time to create a calming setting before your practice, you deserve it!

This class was originally shared as part Yoga With Minelli On Demand in April 2021.

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